Our goal is, as a dominant venture of the domestic and international pesticide market, to operate efficiently in order to fulfill the customers requirements on the highest level and improve so as to maintain this position for a long term.

We are aware of the fact, that the basic condition of our long-term business improvement is the responsible company behaviour, which decisively determines the future of the whole industrial society. Through our high level, environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient services we would like to support the improvement of agriculture, the protection of our close and wider environment, the healthy environment of the current and future generations. We would like to be a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers and a workplace providing material and professional improvement to our employees.

In the spirit thereof we have prepared our Company Policy defining the quality management, ecological,  occupational health and energy management principles, which concerns the whole site, every manager and employee.

The establishment, maintenance and improvement of the ERP system shall at all times be performed considering the customer demands, the legal and other obligations, as well as the pertaining management standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MSZ 28001, ISO 50001).

We are committed to excellent quality.

Our job is characterized by the assurance and further development of the uniform quality of our products and services, for this reason our operation shall be marked by the quality principle from every aspect, namely:

  • we manufacture our products with up-to date technologies, with high-level professional skills and due diligence, paying special attention to the prevention of cross-contamination;
  • we have to subordinate our activity to the satisfaction of our clients in every field, it is the number one task of our staff to contribute to that.
We are committed to the preservation and conservation of the environment.

We carry out our activities in an environmentally conscious way. We strive to prevent and reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by our activities and products, thereby to continously improve the environmental performance.

In the interest thereof:

  • we endeavour to reduce the quantity of the arising wastes and noxious emissions in proportion to the production, and their environmental impacts as well as to prevent the environmental pollution;
  • in case of activities with significant environmental risk we ensure the possibility of immediate reaction by preparing damage prevention plans in order to minimize the possible environmental impacts,
  • we aspire to regular environmental communication with different interest groups: owners, employees, business partners, authorities, social organizations, disaster prevention organizations and the adjacent inhabitancy;
  • we take care for the cultivated environment of production, the cleanliness of buildings and the ordered and aesthetic appearance thereof.
We are committed to the continuous improvement of occupational health protection and safety to protect the health and safety of our employees and every other person present in our area.

For the realization thereof:

  • we regularly evaluate the danger situations, risks arising from the particularity of our activity and perform preventive actions to reduce the frequency of occurrence and/or the heaviness of the consequences (injuries, health damages),
  • as Chemark Ltd. is an upper-tier level factory, we prepared and regularly revise our safety report,
  • we create the conditions of safe work for the sub-contractors acting in our factory area and we require them to observe the relevant prescriptions,
  • we protect the health and safety of the persons (visitors) present in our site with appropriate devices.
We are committed to the establishment, maintenance and continuous improvement of the energy management system so as to continously increase our energy performance.

For the realization thereof:

  • we strive for energy-saving solutions in the purchasing and investments,
  • we are observing the energy consuption, and we are planning the increase of the energy performance,
  • we keep a check on the specific energy costs.

We let our employees become conscious of their important role in reaching quality and establishing the environmental, occupational health protection and safety as well as energy performance, thereby enhancing their commitment in the realization of the company goals.

In order to ensure the compliance with legal rules we permanently develop our ERP system, which is certified by an independent organization.

Our leading managers play a guiding role in the operation and continuous improvement of the ERP system.

The achievement of our goals requires regular trainings, for this reason we require our employees to acquire the knowledge regarding the integrated management system. We wish to achieve the involvement of the complete personnel in the realization of our objectives with the improvement of the professional preparedness and commitment of our employees.

The management promotes with the establishment of trust and appreciation and with providing the necessary resources that every employee can identify with the company objectives.

March 18, 2019                                                                            Imre Varga