Our philosophy is to render our partners a full scale of services. Accordingly, a number of logistic services is offered to our partners concerning  products formulated and filled&packed by Chemark. We endeavour to satisfy all needs. At present, we offer the following logistic services:


Incoming items are stored separately by the material type until consumed. Our warehouses are state-of-the-art, and both storage area as well as safety conditions meet legal regulations as well as our partners requirements.

Now there is a storage area of about 7000 m2 available for packaging materials. Under SEVESO Directive all incoming raw and auxiliary materials as well as bulk products are stored in our warehouses with a total floor space of 6500 m2, capable of storing goods on 8,500 CP3 (1150x1150 mm) pallets thanks to high framing storage. Some of our warehouse buildings are licensed to store T+ (very toxic) substances.

Finished goods are stored in a warehouse complex with total floor space of 11,000 m2. The logistic centre also using high framing storage facilities can store goods placed on up to 20,000 CP1 (1000x1200 mm) pallets.

Customs goods clearance

We offer full-scale customs clearance and administration of customs goods. In addition to import and export transports we are also licensed for other activities.

Inward processing customs suspensive procedure: a special service offered to our contracted partners. It allows to process goods originating from outside the European without paying public liabilities, and the finished goods also leave the territory of the Community.

We also have licence for and can store customs goods of our partners in a public customs warehouse.


Our qualified staff at the Transportation Team help our partners to forward goods stored in our facilities to their partners efficiently both in the domestic market as well as in more than one hundred countries throughout the world. Time-window booking system ensures a harmonised flow of goods.