Pesticide formulation

Chemark is an independent toller of agrochemical companies, offering full service including formulation, fill and pack of plant protection products and related logistics (warehousing and transportation). 

Our company formulates aqueous suspensions and suspo-emulsions, emulsifiable concentrates as well as powders. The yearly capacity exceeds 50 000 tons. In the average of the past few years, the quantity of the products manufactured in the formulation plant exceeded 30 000 tons. Chemark site has 8 separate production lines. Each line is used for formulation of many types of agrochemical products, like herbicide SC, EC, OD, SE fungicide, insecticide WP, EC, SC, EW.  Chemark is able to operate with

  • combustible liquids and solids in ATEX conditions.
  • bead mills for wet milling of powders
  • dangeorus powders using special big-bag emptying stations, in-line mixers (Ytron, Jet-Solution)
  • powders for dry milling in the air jet mills