Pesticide repackaging

Chemark is an independent toller of agrochemical companies, offering full service including formulation, fill and pack of plant protection products and related logistics (warehousing and transportation). 

The lines are separated and the storage can be solved in dedicated tanks. The herbicides are filled and packed in separated buildings.

Beside the formulated products, considerable quantities of preparations, formulated elsewhere, are also repacked by Chemark. Liquid products are refilled into several packaging materials used in the pesticide industry, ranging from 1-ml plastic ampoules to 1000-litre containers. PET, HDPE, coex and fluorinated PE packaging materials are manufactured locally, by our joint venture with IPackChem Corporation. Solid products are repacked from 2.5 grams to 25-kg bags.

Chemark possess 41 filling lines which ensure to produce more than 200 000 sachets in a day for solids and more than 500.000 L output in a day for liquids.

Chemark apply the most innovative and modern technologies for formulation and fill and pack activity. The automation and robotechnics are common at our site. We support the whole production process by using quality assurance program and modern laboratory HPLC, GSMS techniques, formulation development using lab-scale bead mills. Our laboratory warrants the highest quality with more than 10 instruments and with highly qualified employees.