About us
Our company is one of the leading full-scale pesticide tollers in Europe

Beside the large multinational manufacturers of original products, among our customers also belong the emerging enterprises dealing with generic products.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • formulation of plant protection products
  • fill&pack of plant protection products
  • logistic activities connecting to the products formulated and packed by Chemark
  • development of packaging  and formulations
  • analytical services linked to the plant protection products
  • artwork related services linked to the packaging materials.

Sale of small-pack pesticides on the Hungarian market also belongs to our activities.

The company is owned by four Hungarian private persons. This enables us to provide all our customers a high-level service, free of market interests.

Our company has covered a long way since its foundation in 1991.

Our small enterprise of a few people has grown to a company providing jobs for more than three hundred employees; we have moved from a tiny rented office room to a facility with a built-in area over ten thousand square metres, and the hard days of beginning have turned to hard days of being a market-leader. Should we have been in contact as customers or suppliers or in any other way, we are aware that it is your support that has helped us to attain such a position.

The possibility of further development also lies in the mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. We appreciate the interest you have shown in our company and kindly ask you to contribute to our company’s development in the future as well.

In the hope of the above the owners and the management of Chemark would like to call your attention to the information which follow.